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  Xterium: The Game [NEW GAL 7 MOD]

Hello emperor,

Xterium is a massively multiplayer web browser based management/strategy game based on a completely invented science fiction universe.

Will you have enough stuff to take in battle by participating in great battles, exploring the unknown, and building your own empire? Embark now in an unlimited science fiction universe: set out to conquer space and its unexplored lands, colonize many planets to expand your empire and increase your power, evolve your technologies and buildings, form your own Army and your space fleet to fight the forces of your enemies with your allies or alone.

You think you can revalue with other people to impose your ideology, your laws? Join the already registered players who are waiting for you to fight!

Discover a unique space and land game, where the warm and supportive community asks only to expand and spend good times with you.


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16. June at 05:19
Hello, You are mad because you have been banned, a player that has been banned in our game has not been banned for nothing. We do not ban without any reason. About the resource, it could even take more time to refund it if needed. We are working on the issue and you are not the only concerned players, it are not small games with 5 players online, so we have a significant amount of tickets Regards
31. May at 09:55
i agree with comments the game is full of bugs that they can not resolve, like all resources gone by transport to Planet or Moon, it still happen from time to time. i had an alliance they banned me for 3 days for " not respecting rules" as a leader i asked about my banned members for no reason. they banned me for 3 days and transferred leadership to other Player. it never happened in any game so what. if the members are paying with money they can do everything from pushing to cheating. but if you do not spend enough money to them they will take you all. it took once 2 weeks to give ,me back resources that lost trough bug( i am not money spender) so i do not ask anything since 2 month even i am still loosing resources trough transport.
23. February at 15:03
Admins are too bad. Game developer for instance was playing, had resources and fleet. I destroyed his fleet and farm his resources, then in revenge he not only banned me for 3 days, despite the fact that there didn't exist, and still don't exist any rule retarding that but also stole all resources I got from him, but also resources that I have been accumulating for weeks, that I didn't had time to spend. So for that reason I don't recommend this game. You never know when you will be banned, or have dirty things happen on your account made by admins. There are players that were banned just for doing expeditions. Ahh another annoying bug, sometimes resources just disappear, and they take like 1 month to give them back, when the amount of resources you lost, start to be irrelevant, and the cost of opportunity was high. In a resume, the game is cool but the admins are a big shit...
09. February at 11:36
Oh, really very stupid admins especially that Odi. Lost time. I do not advise.
16. September at 08:05
in this game the admins are just pieces of shit, I played it, nothing broke, about discovered bugs wrote on the forum, but they never even replied to my messages. at all and then deleted my account without as from any explanation, I wrote a topic about it on the forum, they deleted it and banned me IP! This is just nonsense and not the game, the admins there are stupid and do not understand how to play.