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New White Listed Private DayZ Server - At the moment the pop is low due to the server being new and being white listed. I am pushing to get a lot more players on the server. Tired of hackers? Annoying players? This is a great time to get looted up!!
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We are a community driven group of DayZ players and Arma 3 RP players! We are welcome to anyone who wants to join, come talk to us on TS!
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Public server is hosted on a dedicated quadcore ivy bridge box with 100 mbit uplink. Plenty of ram and a shiny set of SSDs. Should be fun! Info: Epoch Chernarus Private Hive
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All is welcomed at our new Private Hive for Dayz SA, hosted in Missouri to give all players the best possible ping. IP - Port - 2502 No Password need! Come and survive!
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