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OUnivers est un jeu de gestion/stratégie massivement multijoueur par navigateur internet, basé sur un univers de science fiction entièrement inventé.
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Calypso Universe is a web browser based multiplayer game. Your mission is to develop and manage a space empire. We offer a fun multiplayer experience, multiple languages, probabilistic battle system, fast rates and much more. Gameplay is similar to Ogame.
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Visit our server or website for more information and experiences! Server IP: Website:  port 25565         32 Online Players
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[Fully Custom PvP Funserver][100% Blizz Rates Server][Custom T-mog][Fully Customized PvP Zone][Custom Scripted Battle for Halaa][Custom Scripted World PvP quests][Fresh Funserver Concept]
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Extreme High Speed - Stable and Without Bugs.
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Make friends, allies, and enemies with players from all over the world as you fight your way to the top of the criminal ladder.
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Make Your Own Alliance Fight with other alliances for world domination Get new jobs More than 25 technology, more than 58 skills, various modifications of your combat units. No boring buffing The game is set to high speed of development, all are set for a
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[10xDay | 20xNight/ TP / KITS / INSTA]
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A new Era will rise. Join the future of ogame private Servers now! Antaris is a private Ogame-Server with a bunch of helpful features and a well balanced Gameplay. We currently do support 4 langu ages [English, Italian,German and spanish]. Join us t
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WoW Private server info for vanilla, tbc, wotlk, cata, mop, and wod.
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99B Season 1, DDoS Protection, Antihack SystemExp 5000xSince 2010200 online247WINGS 1,2 and ALL JEWELS IN SHOPSMAX LVL 400NO-LAGSUPER MAXIMAL SERVER COME AND PLAY
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Ogame free x50
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Rates: x500 x15 x750, planet pre-assembled at registration + 7 days immunity deactivable at all times + 3,000,000 MN + 50,000 AM
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Jeux x30.000 Flottes x100 Ressources x30.000 Cdr Flottes85/Défences50 venez nombreux jeux en évolution
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NozMS is a new private server for the old nostalgic Maplestory. We are still growing en developing things but we try as hard as we can to make it as fun for you guys as it is for us. Hope you come join us so we can derp around with everyone. Seeyou there!
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World of Hackers is a online MMO game about hacking people. the hole game is changed from a ogame private 2moon base.
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SOULMU - next edition will start 16th December 2016 y at 17.00 GMT+1.
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Nouveau serveur Ouverture le 06/12/2016 Vitesse : Ressources *50 000 Flottes *100 Jeux *50 000 Staff a l'écoute des joueurs Venez nombreux
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Supernova 3.0 - Browser online strategy. Become the master of the universe!
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255 Fun Server 80 Instant
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Illuminated Wow 4.3.4 Funserver Working Battlegrounds Working RAIDS Instant 85 Cataclysm Funserver dedicated server brand new. 100% up-time. Daily updates.
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Great news, We have now opened a Minecraft server version 1.11. IP address: Server is at creative mode. Have fun miners!  port 25565         0 Online Players
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Very High Rated x30 Teleporter No bugs, no lag
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IP Serwera: lub Ilo?? slotów: 20 Serwer online: 24/7 Kontakt z w?a?cicielem przez steam: MichaelKosa Witryna serwera: Steam Grupa: STEAM
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IP Serwera: lub Ilo?? slotów: 20 Serwer online: 24/7 Kontakt z w?a?cicielem przez steam: MichaelKosa Witryna serwera: Steam Grupa: STEAM
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Onova is a browsergame based on classic space strategy OGame, but with higher speed. Make allies or fight against enemey empires!
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Stable Server, Low Latency, friendly Devs and new Community. Private Server 100% Free 2 Play. Register today and join the adventure become a part of the Kozow World Real Nostalgic game experience of classic world of warcraft.
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Zero G is a Real Time Strategy game set in space. Build your imperium by gathering planets and colonizing planets or destroy them. Fight other players with massive fleets and expand your sovereignty.
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Stellar Universe is a space strategy browser based game, Build your empire, create your alliance, compete against your enemies and become the emperor of the universe, or stay at the background and play your way!
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Niburu Space is a web browser based action-strategy game. Players online in real time play against each other and try to conquer the universe. It has simple design and fast rates.
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LyrocisCraft Minecraft Server [1.8.3] IP: Game Mode: Survival Player vs Player Come join our fun community. We are looking for players that can manage the server.  port 25565         0 Online Players
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Kurzbeschreibung Der Flug ins Weltall ist ein Abenteuer, von dem jeder sicher schon einmal geträumt hat. Erbaue dir deine eigene Galaxy, in der du gegen andere User Kämpfe führst. Entdecke die unendlichen Weiten des Universums!
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Ogame Fast Miniunis x999 x99 x999
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Zapraszamy na nowy serwer TS3: adres serwera: * Gather x5 * XP Boost (X2) * Levels * TP (no limit) * Kits (tools, food, medic, build) * Remove * InstaCraft * Voteday * M
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Level Starting 90 (Panel) Level Cap 145 All Rates: Custom New Custom Quests New Custom Items Exclusive systems Everyday Events 24/7 Bellatra And others!
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Extra Gameplay, Cap 110, China + Europe, Free Silk, Ip Limit 4, Vote4Silk, Silk/H, Titan Uniques, Job Activity, Instant Support, Great Community, Invite Your Friends, Have Fun
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Global server Online 99% Uptime
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Österreichs Privater Ogame Server ist online! Bis 30. September Bonus sichern!
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100x/100x/20x. New server. New systems
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Allegiance 255 // Legion Invasion // 335a Wotlk // Funserver // PvP and PvE // Custom Content // Much More
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Uni 3 has a game speed of 25.000.000 and a fleet speed of 75, It has many options when you have a premium status which can be purchased with Darkmatter.
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Uni 2, Aries, has a game speed of 90.000 and a fleet speed of 75, It has many options when you have a premium status which can be purchased with Darkmatter.
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Just like all of the other games only better!!
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1030 Wars (formerly 2020 Wars) is an online Browser game where the main objective is to conquer the universe. You have played other clone games, we know this, but we hope this will give the best
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Server Information Exp: 9999999 Drop: 100% EXE Items, Wings, Jewels in Shop. Balanced PVP 15 Points Per Level All Class Max Status Is 32767
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Antaris Legacy is a game management/massively multiplayer strategy browser, based on a science fiction universe entirely invented. Do you have enough stuff to take part in the fight by participating in major battles, explore the unknown, and build [...]
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An OGame-Clone. Faster speed, bigger planets. Have fun!
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Latest Legion Patch X10 rates Realm, Instant 85 Cataclysm PvP and PvE, Arena Tournament Instant 80 PvP WOTLK, Amazing PvP and PvE Content, Custom Malls, Working BG and Arena, Custom Instances, Balanced Spells and Classes. Best WoW Private Server
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Fighters of Galaxy ist ein browerbasiertes Weltraumgame das kostenlos zu spielen ist! Sehr schnelles Universum (Speeduni), bedeutet viel Resourcen in kürzester Zeit wo du schnell dein Imperium aufbauen kannst! Schau vorbei und herrsche über die Galaxy!
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XP: x12 Version: 3.3.5a WOTLK GM's Online: 15+ hours per day Bugs: 0,05% New website in process Enjoy
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