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Web browser based multiplayer strategy space game, main goal is to build your empire and destroy others, start battle with your friends or random other people around the globe. Your mission is to develop and manage a space empire. Mothership - Active Deve
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* Episode 15.1 [partially implemented] * Rates: 300x/300x/20x * Quest EXP: 300x * Max Base & Job: 175/60 * Card Drops: 5% [Normal] & 0.05% [Mini-Boss/MvP] * Summoner, Rebellion, Kagerou/Oboro, Soul Reaper and Star Emperor * Plenty of instances
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English and Persian language: [Blizzlike Realm] is PvE&Pvp; We intend on delivering high quality content by having blizzlike! [Fun Realm] is 1 level at the start of the game, max level 255
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Tales of Azeroth Serverinformationen: Wir bieten euch einen Wotlk 3.3.5a Highrate Server mit folgenden Features! Raten: 3x (Dynamisch) | Gold: 1x | Ruf: 2x | Skill: 1x | Berufe: 3x | Transmog | 1vs1 Arena | Leveltoken bei Raremob-loot in Scherbenwelt & No
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OGame Dark is a space strategy game with hundreds of players playing together at the same time trying to be the best.
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... Einige Wissenschaftler behaupten, dass die Klone so große und mächtige Allianzen bilden werden, dass die Erde nur noch eine kleine Rolle in der Entwicklung der menschlichen Spezies spielen wird. ...
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Join Ramboed RSPS as the name suggests, the main focus here is PK and PVM. Pulsating Combat | All Skills Trainable | Solid Economy | 20+ Minigames | Hundreds active daily | Frequent updates | Experienced Management
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• Resources speed x3000• Buildings speed x1000 • Fleet speed x10 • Expedition speed x5 •    The original Xterium is back! 24h support | Hostal expeditions | Alliance planet | Arsenals | Academy | Active community!
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Grand Open 28.06.2019.Season 6 Episode 3. EXP-100 Drop-40.Server English and Russian. Come to us. And you will not regret it. Details of the server on the forum. A lot of interesting.
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Public server world of wacraft 3.3.5a Lich King:
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dsadadsa dsadadsa
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[Univers Odyssée] Jeux X100
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ENG Vendetta WoW Custom Server is a new International WoW server located in Spain. It contains customize content that makes game more interesting. ES Vendetta WoW Custom Server es un nuevo servidor internacional de WoW ubicado en España. Contiene contenid
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Servidor Latino Version Rates x6 Fines de semana x12 Sistema de transfiguracion Conquista de invierno esta Habilitada Sistema monturas compartidas por cuenta Sistema de auto aprender hechizos Sistema de codigos sorpresa Sistema de titulos PvP por mue
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Free online multiplayer game
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Cult browser game of your parents :) The best game in the style of an old ogame. Free trader and commodore non-stop. Starting the game in May 2019 - welcome :)
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Voll Funktionstüchtiger Server. -> Deutsche Spieler bevorzugt -> Deutsche Datenbank -> Im Aufbau -> Forum vorhanden -> Registrierungsseite vorhanden -> Website Shop ausstehend -> Für die ersten 25 Spieler gibt es EINEN full equipment Charakter.
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OGame Private Server
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OGame Private Server
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Ogame Private
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EOGame is fast, balanced and fast developing game. Come and start battle with your friends or random other people around the globe. In this game have lot of new stafs. NEW BATTLE SYSTEM. Hostile expeditions and lot of other things for you to explore!
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Fun little server to meet and chat with people. Server is running on the latest Craftbukkit version. We are on survival mode server. Come and check it out. Powered by VPScraft.  port 25565         0 Online Players
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valami jó lesz? Vagy nem XD
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Polish server, where everyone will find something for themselves. Friendly atmosphere and gameplay at a pace similar to the original. No stress, pure fun.
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Polish server, where everyone will find something for themselves. Friendly atmosphere and gameplay at a pace similar to the original. No stress, pure fun.
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Brand New Prison Themed Text-Based MMORPG. Come Join Us Today!
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Space strategy game in real time, where you can Trade, Fight, Explore and rule the Universe.
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Join US! Contact the admin and get benefits!
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[massive multiplayer online role play game] based on the real inmate life.
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Pure CUSTOM MAP for those who want a different style of Rust plays. To connect in-game, on the left-hand side in the game, click modded and search Rusty HideOut at bottom of the server list.
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OGame Turkey is a full-time space strategy game. It is a game where hundreds of players can play together at the same time and do their best.
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metin2biscuit este un server pvm-pvp romanesc lvl maxim 127 rate 500% la inceput cand intri primesti ca premiu un fms pgm 59,2 frezuri anti-monstri,2 costume anti-monstri 1 pet nuvy-panda cu bonusuri pvm 1 piatra curcubeu 200x sosete dinte care pica itm d
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Open on 11-11-2018 19:00 Gmt+3 - Free register after 50k Dm reward!! Game Speed X 500.000 Fleet Speed X 50 Ultra Resources Speed
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Server start 10.05.2019 6 30 pm GMT 03 00 In the New Universe at GMT 03 00 p.m players in the following rankings will receive anti-matter PLAY EARN ANT MATTER
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Discover the best PvP experience on Battle for Azeroth!Instant Level 120 - Guilds vs. Guilds - Dynamic FFA Zone - Azerite Traits - Wild PvP Zone - Ranked BGs / Duels - Corrected Spells and much more!
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Bran New! Old Style with faster speeds! Multiple Universes (COMING SOON!) Soon to be a Mobile App in 2019!
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Universe Phobos X 500.00 - Build up and raise a civilization in deeper space Active community and staff - Incredible functions to keep this game alive
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German 1.12 Classic Server
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A strategic brawser game inspireted by oGame, but totally different! Updates every weeks! Alpha version is in progress, don't waste time, subscribe now! [BONUS VOTE & LOGIN EVERY DAY]
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Gigafun 2.4.3! || Crossfaction BG & Arena || 1vs1 || Chess Event ||Played Time Poins || All Race All Class || Models and Skins from latest expansions|| Insane Haste and Hp, 3000+ Items, 1500+ Quests[Scripted Events] join us TODAY!
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DystopiaOnline Galaktyka is a space strategy game with hundreds of players playing together at the same time trying to be the best. Everything what you need to the play is a Standard Browser.
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Space Wars is a web browser based multiplayer strategy game. Build your empire, create your alliance, compete against your enemies and become the emperor of the universe, or stay at the background and play your way! Free Dark Matters. And very bonuses.
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[Server 2D] Droop [3000] Easy Server With Poker , ELitePk , Ctf , Wings , Titles Etc There Free Epic Chi And Jianghu And InnerPower And Perfiction, Souls Etc , Only Stuff +12+P7 For ALl And Challange On Donation Rank Come Fast And Enjoy With Your Friends
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Fun free world of warcraft server 3.3.5a Haste Server, +10000 Item & Bosses. Gift + (Old Eternion-wow with a lot of changes.) Steal health with attack for all classes. All classes are balanced. One year old being online
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Hello and welcome to Sheldon-WoW! Here we have a very friendly community, this private server is a instant 80 with many scripts added! Come join us and try our custom weapons!
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Galaxy Conquest - Phoenix Awaken™ is a MMORPG of intergalactic war and commerce for mobile platforms (Android , iOS) based on the popular Ogame™
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Chronicle: Lineage 2 Gracia Final - EXP/SP: 20x / Party EXP/SP: 2x / Drop: 10x / Spoil: 10x / Adena: 25x / Seed of Destruction / TvT Event / Hide Seek Event / Retail Olympiad / 2 Weeks Sieges / PvP Zones
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OGame Basierendes Browsergame, nur besser als OGame.
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Server online 100% time
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Ouverture 23/07/2018 Des rates boostées (jeu x300, Flottes x30, Ressources x200) la population de Defcon ainsi que son équipe vous ouvrent leurs portes. N’attendez plus et rejoignez-nous !
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