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Version 1.7.10. Server is located in Los Angeles, CA. IP Address: (100Mbps) - 4096 MB DDR3 RAM. 4 CPU Cores.  port 25565         0 Online Players
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Visit our server or website for more information and experiences! Server IP: play.crafterscove.net Website: http://crafterscove.net
  play.crafterscove.net  port 25565         32 Online Players
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Here at Sky cloud we're a server driven by the community, we depend highly on our players to voice their opinions on where the server goes. What new stuff to get, or what to remove that will help guarantee the best Minecraft server experience possible!
  theskycloud.tk  port 25582         0 Online Players
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MithrandirCraft IP: mithrandir.craft.vg Es un servidor de FaccionesPvP Español 247, abierto sin interrupción desde Primavera de 2012 y administrado por especialistas en administración de servidores de juegos.  port 25565         12 Online Players
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We are a Minecraft server network dedicated to bringing you an amazing gaming experience. Our IP is z.mcph.co . Our players, from all over the world ,have five servers to choose from and minigames in the lobby  port 58278         0 Online Players
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http://www.copecraft.us 24/7 Factions server, brand new. Great staff, minigames, custom spawn, arenas.
  play.copecraft.us  port 25565         0 Online Players
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Welcome to Ender Sandman's Lair! To get started, enter the IP in the multiplayer tab of Minecraft! IP: mc.enderslair.com
  mc.enderslair.com  port 25565         1 Online Players
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Fun little server to meet and chat with people. Server is running on the latest Craftbukkit version. We are on survival mode server. Come and check it out. Powered by VPScraft.  port 25565         0 Online Players
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Ein *Public* Minecraft Vanilla Server immer UP2Date mit freundlichen Spielern. Erschaffe mit uns zusammen die Minecraft Welt wo du und deine Freunde Spaß am bauen und Erkunden haben. *No Wipes* außer du warst Böse ;)
  mc.levelgamer.de  port 25565         0 Online Players
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netherite, pets, jobs, quests, MMO, bees, heads, shop, land protection, crates, ranks, auction house, and other interesting features
  mc.avaloncs.group  port 25565         3 Online Players
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LyrocisCraft Minecraft Server [1.8.3] IP: Game Mode: Survival Player vs Player Come join our fun community. We are looking for players that can manage the server.  port 25565         0 Online Players
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Great news, We have now opened a Minecraft server version 1.11. IP address: Server is at creative mode. Have fun miners!  port 25565         0 Online Players
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