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  Maple`Impact 83


Game Description: | RatesExp: 2 - Mesos: 1- Drops: 1 - Quest: 3 - Party: 4 (Lv:40) + (BONUS EXP)
Game Description Nostalgic Social Unique GMS-LIKE Rates Exp 2 - Mesos 1 - Drops 1 - Quest 3 - Party 4 Ultimate PS - Challenging game-play - Critical Attack. Rings Effect - Wedding - Omok Match Cards - PQs - CPQ Guild War - GuildPQ - Transportation - Working PQs - Merchant Shops Party, Guild Alliance systems fully operational - Cash Shop Skills 99 Custom Jail System - Mini Dungeon - BossPQ - BALANCED NO PAY2WIN DREAM CHARACTER -Clean System 0.83

* HPQ/KPQ/LPQ/LMPQ/OPQ/EllinPQ/PiratePQ/HorntailPQ 100%.
* CWKPQ as Expedition-based event 100%.
* Expeditions: Scarga/Horntail 100%.
* GuildPQ 100% + Guild queue with multi-lobby systems available.
* Brand-new PQ: Boss Rush PQ 100%.
* BalrogPQ semi-functional.
* Capt. Latanica remade as an event (parties can now fight the boss). 

* Doll house quest 100%.
* Quests can now reward properly items when matching a reward item with the player's job.
* Loads of quests have been patched.

Player Social Network:
* Guild and Alliance system fully functional.

* EXP/DROP/Cosmetic Coupons 100%.
* EXP/DROP coupons now appears as a buff effect when on active time.
* Great deal of cash items functional.

PQ potentials:
* Lobby system - Multiple PQ instances on same channel.
* Expedition system - Multiples parties can attempt on a same instance (lobbies and expeds are mutually-exclusive).
* Guild queue system - Guilds can register themselves on a queue for the GPQ.

Server potentials:
* Multi-worlds 100%.
* Adventurer Mount quests 100%.
* All Equipment levels up.
* Player level rates.
* Gain fame by quests.
* Every monsterbook card is now droppable by overworld mobs.
* Added Boss HP Bar for dozens of bosses.
* Custom jail system.
* Delete Character 100% (requires ENABLE_PIC activated).
* New commands.

* Custom: Free Market redsign.
* Zakum/Horntail/Pinkbean fully working 100%
* Added many missing monster and reactor drop data, shop items and others.
* And many, many others features available!



@dispose: Fixes your character if it is stuck.

@online: Displays a list of all online players.

@leveling: (Tips) help you guide-on where you can train.

@impact: (Tips) bring up impact shop.

@gm : Sends a message to all online GMs in the case of an emergency.

@bug : Sends a bug report to all developers.

@joinevent: If an event is in progress, use this to warp to the event map.

@leaveevent: If an event has ended, use this to warp to your original map.

@whatdropsfrom : Displays a list of drops and chances for a specified monster.

@whodrops : Displays monsters that drop an item given an item name.

@uptime: Shows how long has the server been online for?

@bosshp: Displays the remaining HP of the bosses on your map.

@equiplv: Displays relations of level and experience of every item you have equipped.


many many more from where that came from.

Try us today and invite your friends.

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