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  Ender Sandman's Lair

Ender Sandman’s Lair


  • MC 1.8.7
  • Family friendly Minecraft Server
  • Friendly staff
  • Creative, Vanilla, Towny, and Minigames
  • Mario Kart Racing Game (Sounds, music, and texture pack)
  • Player can submit builds to be used by server
  • Players help on server builds
  • Cool Time based rewards like hat, nick, fly, repair, etc.
  • Cool McMMO Kits with great enchantments
  • Good Towny starter kit, tpa, back, back on death, multiple homes, personal warps
  • Website
  • Teamspeak

Server IP:


All Servers:

- In-Game GUI Help/Info System
- Ticket system for submitting suggestions and reporting problems


Minigame Server:

- Paintball (Classic and Prison)
- Mario Kart
- Mob Arena

- Racing (2 horse race arenas, pig and on foot racing COMING SOON)

- Spleef (Artic Blast, Into Flames, and 3 Lil Pigs arenas)



- Parkour (COMING SOON)

- Earn coins that can be redeemed on Towny and Vanilla servers (COMING SOON)


Creative Server:

- PlotMe map
- flat freelance map (COMING SOON)
- terrain freelance map (COMING SOON)
- Time based ranks and rewards (COMING SOON)


Vanilla Server:

- All the functionallity of a normal 1.8.7 Vanilla Minecraft
- Time based ranks and rewards


Towny Server:

- Town land leveling/filling service 
- Town Advertisement Plots just outside of spawn
- Centralized layer market
- 24 Time based ranks and rewards starting at 5 minutes up to 350 hours
- McMMO 
- McMMO reward kits for most McMMO Skills
- Fast Crafting without recipes (can be toggled on and off)
- Keep inventory 
- XP Storage in bottles
- Sit on steps like a chair
- Custom Crafting Recipies like sponges, saddles, horse armor, diamonds, etc. 
- Custom mechanisms like transportation pipes, elevators, draw bridges, large gates, etc 
- GUI virtual shop 
- Auctions 
- Jobs 
- Lottery 
- MyPets
- MyPet Storage for owning multiple MyPets 
- Multiple Personal warps and homes 
- Silk Touch Spawners
- Marriage

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