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Welcome to the nine seas! As a shipwrecked man you have a hard time, dark visions and an unrestrained thirst are getting to you. But with time you will learn to adapt to your new surroundings.

Set up your own camp, make your own equipment and food, and become part of the Port City community, Barrow! Develop your character and decide: rich merchant or powerful robber?

In this pirate adventure you can compete with other players or go your own way and explore the secrets of the island.

Choose your character

Start your journey as Ryd, who stranded on an unknown island. Find out about the island's secrets.

Establish a camp on the island and try to provide for yourself. Gain abilities to turn your resources into clothes, weapons, potions or food.

Find your strategy

Upgrade your character to defeat powerful enemies. Acquire a ship, travel the nine seas and earn powerful treasures through combat or trade.

Perform raids and steal resources from enemy players or join your clan in making the seas unsafe. Either way, the top of the ladder is waiting!

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