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  Multiverse Warriors Rebirth

When the first subspace gateway was opened, many rejoiced at the new marvel in technology. However few realised the impact of the new discovery... 

The military used the subspace channels for the first few years, then allowed trading to open. As the colonies grew further apart isolating themselves in cultural and personal identities, the inevitable happened, and the first Great Intergalactic War broke out. One of the faction’s scientists known only as Arcturus, devised a method to use the subspace technology to send the destructive energy of his cannon to virutally anywhere in the universe. Low power level tests proved successful. There was no defense against a weapon that created energy seemingly out of nowhere. 

After years of research into the new phenomenon, scientists came up with a theory to defend against such a weapon by using Dark Matter to destroy the energy. 

This..... was a terrible idea... Within seconds, sensors recorded a new element, known now, as Multiverse Matter! They attempted to scan it, and the sensor logs from the experiment showed that the scientists could see themselves, but not themselves. They were performing different tasks to what they were doing, with no trace of the Arcturus attack. They realised they were peering into another universe. As they attempted to shut down the weapon, the enemy increased power, which made contact with the Multiverse Matter, a chain reaction had started all over subspace, and new planets were being pulled into our universe. Death and destruction soon followed, with planets occupying the same space as their Multiverse equivalent. 

Survivors attempted to start a new life... But were met with incredible hostility from everywhere, planets were now mostly barren, and require terraforming to create new areas of cohabitation. As you join all those who came before you, how will you survive in the new Multiverse?

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