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  GaionMu S4E2 PVP/PK

* General Information *


Server Season  -  S4Ep2

Server Type  -  Max Rate PVP/PK

Experience  -  9999x

Drop Rate Normal  -  70%

Drop Rate Excellent  -  10%

Drop Rate Money  -  20%

Max Level  -  400

Max Master Level  -  70

Points Per Level  -  15/16/17

Max Character Stats  -  65000

Class create level  -  0



* Extra Information *


Multiple spots in each leveling map.

Working class skills on max stats.

Original Season 4 Items

Increased character HP from Vitality for longer fights.

Multiple ways to earn PCPoints while having fun in game!

Vip status offering many extras.

Extra warehouse for vip and non-vip.

Socket item limit is 3 slots per item yet allowing Sphere 1 - 5

Quest items, boxes, event tickets, potions available at bar shops.

Remote warehouse access for vip

Multiple commands for vip and non-vip players to use

Chaos mix rate is 99% success, but still exists posibility to burn items.

Class Vs Class PVP Garden is special map allowing to pvp only own class type.

Characters are NOT balanced, Blade Master is OP class while other classes will die from it easy, to avoid being killed by BM.. go to PVP Garder!.

In-Game reset command is active, simply write /reset once you have reached lvl 400

Reseting limit is 500.. giving choice to grand reset or keep the resets.

Character HP is being increased by 50 non-vip and 60-80 for vip in each reset you make.

Jewel success rate from 90% for non-vip and 99% for vip.

PCPoints Shop offers Jewels, Boxes, Spheres and Fenrir.

Working origial webzen events.



* Server Events *


Castle Siege event every week

Item Drop Event In Lorencia - Several jewels are being droped on ground for you to pick them up

Golden Archer Rena/Bless Collector - Collect 64 renas or jewel of bless & exchange for reward.

Online Lottery - You might be lucky to win lottery while being online.

Blood Castle, Chaos Castle, Crywolf, DevilSquare, Illusion Temple, Kanturu Maya, Raklion Boss - Jewel & PcPoint possible rewards.

Hide & Seek Event - Its GM made event executed from kommand, make sure to find him before time ends.

Quick Event - GM Executed event where you have to run to specific cord and trade Santa!


* Player Commands *



/addstr  /addagi  /addvit  /addene  /addcms








* Website Features *


Grand Reset - Get 500 resets in order to make 1 GR

Exchange System - Allowing to exchange jewels & online hours into Mu Coins

Information Hide - Hides character item information from everyone.

VIP Buy - In-Game vip & website vip offers many extras for true VIP Players.

Friend Invite - Invite your friends by offering a special URL allowing you to recive reward for it.

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