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Experience the ultimate gaming experience with Mudream x100 - the top choice for unique grinding and dynamic PVP battles. Discover new and exciting challenges with unique bosses and breathtaking events. Explore new locations, acquire powerful wings, conquer new monsters, and collect rare pets. Enjoy fast client optimization with 60+ FPS, a Jewel Warehouse, and an improved party system. Take advantage of our new option system, featuring Normal, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, and Epic options. Server details include: Exp x100, Master exp x10, max reset 50 grand 5, max stats 32 767, and a maximum of 3 Excellent options and 5 Socket options. The maximum server reset is 5 and the maximum stats on the server is 32 767. The maximum Master Level on the server is 400. Our server offers numerous benefits, including: Stable online - reliable and long-lasting gameplay Professional Technical Support 24/7 from experienced administration 100% unique content, items, events and additions from the highest seasons. Join us now and earn bonuses for registering and playing!

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