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  MuZaru Global Server

Exp & Drop: 20x & 30%
Reset: resets Max 5, removes stats and gives 100 pts by resets.
Maximum resets: 5 is the maximum of resets, ie end up with 500 points but with all 5 resets
Max master lvl: 90
Events: All, function normally
ChaosMachine: 70%
Spots: By defaul 3-4 moobs (5 in hot spots of each map's)
Pkclear: NO
Shops: Items Basics + 4 + x + luck + s
Bles Bug: Off
Resets via game: /reset
Reset removes points: yes
Reset removes skills: yes
Reset removes quest: yes
Reset level: 400 200000 Zen having nothing since the character
We have a team d long history, with jubalidad in gmo, we provide this server with the best care and we can give personalization.

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