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  [NEW UNIVERSE JUST LAUNCHED]Calypso Universe: Space Strategy!

Calypso Universe is a web browser based multiplayer game. Your mission is to develop and manage a space empire. We offer a fun multiplayer experience, multiple languages, probabilistic battle system, fast rates and much more. Gameplay is similar to Ogame.

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30. June at 09:20
Stay out of calypso and niburu. These old, stolen, copies of the original game. And admin runs it illegally to trick a players into spending money. Game is constantly closed and reset and it dies in few weeks. THIS IS AN ILLEGAL SCAM. Full of fake accounts run by admin, multi accounts, hackers and countless bugs. Game breaks all the time. Owner only cares about money:
30. June at 08:40
WARNING! This is and calypso are very INSECURE. Full of bugs and you can get your information stolen by the hackers that keep plaguing the games:
30. June at 09:36
Everyone experienced knows better and stays away from this hacker game owner, but new players need to know the truth
30. June at 09:36
You're absolutely right my friend. People need to be warned about these illegal scams