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  Dark-Space: Empire ! [EN/DE/FR] [01/03/2015]

Details are missing for this game. Please visit their website for more information.

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15. May at 22:26
lol well i didn't see any crap going on and seems bugz was right on a few things, new accounts coming online from no where and ranked #1 in various categories, absolutely no support from admin staff at all on anything and now the server is down like it has happened in the past and then another reset if he does keep it going. i really thought he was sincere about this but instead made a lot of us look like complete idiots. my advice is if he does bring it back avoid this site and any other antaris related site since they are all part of each other, just wasting your time here.
12. May at 11:19
no good server
12. May at 11:18
I play the game is no longer because of the admin here after his own head goes 've spent a lot of money for this shit server he has not even asked whether the server should get a resst Ps : the server is free but for how long people a server Cost is going on is bnicht 100 % sure that it remains active because the server must also be paid off in the long run and not a solution that is so the server remains on caution when registering people and I can no longer play on this server because the admin is assi and no new ideas would regard to the server by server hight rates on low rate is switched so the server has to really fucked I have to say German :-)
11. May at 07:17
Paying in this game gives certain advantages but it does NOT make you the Nr. 1. i see an Admin always willing to listen to his players and even incorporate ideas that benefit the overall game experience for everyone! Make sure you give this server a try! New people joining in daily!
11. May at 10:13
11. May at 07:54
Sorry but this was supposted to go under space-emperors ! Dark-space has completely changed which is why i did indeed delete my account over there!
10. May at 01:20
not a pay to win game, can't buy anything to use to get ahead. all sites offer bonuses for voting so they are not doing anything that any other site has done. excellent site overall. admin does an excellent job.
20. April at 10:26
This games server can have a Lag at busy times - The game is run by a guy called Jeremy who is based in Bruxelles who runs it mainly for his friends to play and helps them to progress in-game and anyone who questions this or stops them progressing gets a Game Ban (So be very careful who you attack) I can't see this game lasting very longterm and the only reason it has high votes within the Gaming Network is because they offer antimatter with each vote and without this its very hard to progress within the game.