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  DystopiaOnline Galaktyka

                                  Welcome to the DystopiaOnline Galaxy
               DystopiaOnline The galaxy is an online game where you face other players 

           While trying to become the best everything you need to play is a regular browser.
                  Online real-time strategy game in space. Play against other players 

         You do not have to download anything, you play in your browser! Free registration
Server settings:
Game speed x 1000
Fleet speed x 10
The speed of extracting resources x 100
Magazine size x 10
Energy multiplier x 1
Number of fields: 168 Fields
Ability to obtain DarkMatter through expeditions
Missions to the moon in search of DarkMatter.
The possibility of obtaining a new fleet from the moon and new missions
Starting bonus
Start Metal + 5,000,000
Start Crystal + 2,500,000
Deuterium start + 1,000,000
Start Dark Metter + 25,000
Reward bonus from the referral link +25,000
Min. Points for a 25,000 bonus
Max. Players recommended 5



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