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  May 10, 2024 New Universe Taurus| Astrogame Classic and 1000x OGame TR-EN-FR-PT-ES-PL-DE-RU

A universe named Vega was born in a distant galaxy beyond the stars. It's an arena where heroes rise, empires ascend and fall, friendships are forged, and battles erupt. Each of you has the chance to write your destiny in this universe.

In this highly competitive universe, you can collaborate with other players using your strategic intelligence or challenge them head-on. But remember, deep within Vega, secrets of ancient civilizations and undiscovered cosmic treasures await you.

Test your alliances, form new ones, and journey to become the most powerful ruler of the universe. Vega is not just a universe; it's a blend of courage, ambition, strategy, and adventure.

The Vega Universe awaits you on October 6th, 2023, at 20:00 GMT+3. Are you ready for this legendary journey beyond the stars?

**Vega Universe Features**

Universe Speed: 1000x
Fleet Speed: 3x
Fleet Debris: 60%
Defense Debris: 15%
Minimum Vacation Duration: 2 Days
Maximum Vacation Duration: 30 Days


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