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  New!! "Eros" 31-05-24 - Extreme Speed - High-Speed Only - Corrado-Game


Example of a game we have running now is:

Overall Game Speed X 99.999
Fleet Speed X 40
Resources speed X


Percentage of Fleet turned into Debris after an Attack 60 %
Percentage of Defence turned into Debris after an Attack 20 %


Galaxys 9
systems 250
planets 15


min planets player 1 
max planets player 33
(for each 2 levels of Expedition Research + 1 colony)


moon chance 20% = light fighter amount 1.000.000
Jump gate charge 30.min


Max alliance members 8 


Minimum period of vacation mode 48 hours max 30 days


Languages: English-Portuguese-German-Russian-Spanish-Polish-Chinese

Noob-Protection:   starts on registration and lasts 7 days or when you  leaf protection by attacking live player -- during protection time you can attck inactive players only

additional features in game are:

Edit Planet

1: lets you relocate your planet on any place you want in the galaxy

2: edit your planets picture in overview and rest of game

3: lets you add 250 extra fields on your planet ore moon


this lets you earn Darkmatter when you reach predetermined goals

in Game for buildings/defense/fleet/tech/and battles.


this system allows you,to getter all your resources to on colony

in just a few clicks.


here you cane earn Dark matter by voting one game sites for use.

Instant build for Buildings and Technologies

so no more waiting for your new building or technology.

Advanced Trader

Traderin Game whit multiple trade rates under a button so you cane trade all

resources to build a specific ship or building

Moon shoot

This is a bot that sends a attack to the colony you requested the moon shoot

end give a chance of 20% to get a moon.

Player search

this mod allows you to find a player end shows the location from

all hiscolony's-moons end all tech levels

Planet Hideout

This mod hides your planet in the galaxyview,you cane still be attacked when

the know where you are hidden.



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