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  NEW UNI [CLASSIC PLUS] February 14 / 2024

Hello Brave Commanders of the OGame Universe!

Are you ready to embark on a journey through the infinite galaxy? The countdown has begun for an exciting adventure! Our brand new OGame server, named "Classic Plus," is eagerly awaiting the arrival of our esteemed players. In this unique universe, a combination of strategy, diplomacy, and warfare promises an unparalleled gaming experience.

Server Features:

? Opening Date: Friday, February 14 - 18:00 (GMT+1) 2024 ? Continuity of the Classic Universe: Over 70 online players for 350 days. ? New Universe Standard: Saturday, June 10 - 18:00 (GMT+1)

Why Classic Plus?

???? Epic Start: Seize control of the universe with your strategic moves. Each success will elevate you to a higher position in the galaxy.

???? Diplomatic Skills: Make deals with other commanders, form alliances, and shape the destiny of the universe together. Master diplomacy and become a leader of a powerful alliance.

????? Advanced Technology: Equip yourself with innovative technologies to increase your fleet power, strengthen your defense systems, and expand your trade networks.

?? Legendary Wars: Engage in conflicts with other commanders, test your strategic war skills, and conquer the galaxy. War will bring honorable victories!

You Are Expected for an Unforgettable Gaming Experience!

Take your place in this exciting journey and leave your mark on the universe. "Classic Plus" is filled with features that enhance and expand the classic OGame universe. Join us to experience this unique adventure!

The infinite galaxy is calling, commanders! Are you ready?

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