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Hi, I would like to introduce to you a private server which has been active for 7 months, a lot of players are on the server every day 30+ players. 

StarZone Server is online, it is always, your staff is active 24/7. Events Every Days.

Server: Online [?] 24/7

• Features:

- PvP RanK/PvE RanK/SeasoN RanK/HonoR RanK/ExperiencE RanK.

- Prometheus Lasers.

- BO-3 Shield.

- Boosters

- UBA System

- Upgrade System: Drons, Lasers, Shields.

- Events: Demaner, Invasion, Battle Royal, Spaceball every day.

- Drone Designs: "Havock, Hercules"

- Galaxy Gates: "Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta"

- Refering System.

- Skill Tree System.

- Titles System.

- Client 32bit/64bit. (

- Battle Base.

- Vouchers.

- Professional Staff.

- Professional Discord Server.

- Two-Factor-Authenticationsystem.

- New Shop 

• Links:

- Our server link:

- Our Discord server:

Are you curious about adventures? Are you looking for people to play? Join our server. Server link:

Best Regards.

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