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  Xterium: The Game [NEW GAL 7 MOD]

Hello emperor,

Xterium is a massively multiplayer web browser based management/strategy game based on a completely invented science fiction universe.

Will you have enough stuff to take in battle by participating in great battles, exploring the unknown, and building your own empire? Embark now in an unlimited science fiction universe: set out to conquer space and its unexplored lands, colonize many planets to expand your empire and increase your power, evolve your technologies and buildings, form your own Army and your space fleet to fight the forces of your enemies with your allies or alone.

You think you can revalue with other people to impose your ideology, your laws? Join the already registered players who are waiting for you to fight!

Discover a unique space and land game, where the warm and supportive community asks only to expand and spend good times with you.


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24. September at 12:42