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  Net Ragnarok Online

Base 100x | Job 100x | Drop Rate 20x | MVP & Mini Card Drop 3x

Warper | Healer | Tool Dealer | Buffer | Card Machine NPC

Unique and Competitive PVP System
1. Casual PVP
2. Wagering PVP - Headgear worn within entering PVP will be put up as wager. Loser will forfeit headgear to winner.
3. Party PVP - Parties are to use Zeny to wager the battle. Losing team will forfeit all Zenies to the winning team.
4. Battlegrounds
5. WOE

Custom Crafting Skills
Aside from the original gameplay, there are several extra skills where players can level up. By leveling up these skills, items can be crafted and rewards will be unlocked. NetRO's crafting world is meant to be a secondary activity which allows players to continue building their character in a different way. The crafting system will never be necessary for all players as items crafted will never be stronger than any original items.

Woodcutting is a skill which involves chopping down trees to gather different types of wood. Different types of woods are also essential crafting items.

Fishing is a gathering skill which involves catching fish. Higher fishing levels allow the player to catch a wider variety of fish which is ultimately used to trade in for crafting recipes. 

Mining is a skill which allows players to extract ores, gems, and other resources from rocks. Mining minerals may be used to craft other items such as stronger pickaxes, fishing rods and axes.

Cooking is a skill used to cook and create different types of food. These foods will grant buffs or act as a potion which restores HP/SP. These items will be disabled in PVP. This feature will be implemented in our future updates.

Crafting is a useful skill which enables players to produce items such as stronger gathering tools, effect items, treasure maps, and further more in our future updates. Recipes can be purchased by trading in fishes. In the future, crafting will become an essential skill needed in order to create more powerful items.

Treasure maps are created by combining three items found by fishing, woodcutting and mining. By combining an Earth Essence, Life Essence and Water Essence this allows a player to create a treasure maps. Treasure maps are then used to teleport the player to a instance where monsters can be killed to gain rewards.

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