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  Neverlasting Ragnarok Online

Server Updates Below.

Learn more about us on our website at:

Neverlasting Ragnarok Online is a 2.5 Year old server. 
A Super High Rate Private Server. 
Dedicated and focused to squeeze out every character's potential. 
Server is currently hosted on a dedicated machine. 
10mbit connection, so you wont be experiencing lag, 
(Provided you have a decent internet connection) 
Max base level 999 
Max job level 500 
Rates - 999k/999k/100% (100% droprate for cards) 
New Skill tab, find out ingame. 
12 character slots per account (not the usual 9 slot one) 
We have all the newest kRO headgears without a single error. 
Neverlasting Ragnarok Online, is a Sanctuary for all headgear lovers. 
And were doing our best to provide balanced PvP and community interaction. 
As well as balanced class competition. 
Headgears [4] 
Armors [4] 
Weapons [4] 
Shields [2] 
Garments [4] 
Shoes [4] 
Accessories [4] 
Max Cart Weight - 200,000 
Highly customized server to make sure get the best out of it. 
Never before seen ideas, and item concepts to make PvP unique and one of a kind 
Intense WoE and PvP. No guild monopoly, everyone has a chance to conquer 
Don't miss out this opportunity! 
Join Neverlasting Ragnarok Online now!


Recent Changes : 
• Fixed the Vote 4 Points. You should be able to get 10k CP Now.
• Jakk, Marse, Hode, Dustiness, Isis, Marionette, Myst, Raydric Reduced by 15%.
• New Pets Added.
• Harry Wand Added.
• Blue Scarf Added.
• New Pets Added.
• Custom Headgears added.
• Bot Checker, Pvp Warper to Prontera added.
• oppa gangnam style and many more customs ADDED.
• New Items Added.
• Several Pets and Items Added.
• Pets and Suits Added.
• Starter Kit gives Pikachu now.
• Added Yin Yang Wings in NC shop.
• Changed Leveling Room Map.
• Letter Room Added.
• New Coin Added.
• New items for Anime Coin Added.
• More items, Pets added.
• JOB Morpher NPC added


Recent Changes (older): 
• Added Santa Poring Ballon 
• New rules added 
• Hired a new staff!

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