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  EU/Germany | Rust Warzone | Small Map | AutoUpdate | NoobFriendly.

Hey there, You landed on our advertisement page of our rust server | Rust Warzone | Small Map | AutoUpdate | NoobFriendly.

On our server you will find the following features;

- a small map for action.
- Autoupdates/restarts every 6 hours, in order to obtain the latest version of rust.
- no pesty admins. spawning in your stuff ruining your game and also for others.
- Voting for day.
- 5x gathering.
- no wipe ( only when a update forces it to do).
- QuickMelt - 2 kits starter and daily. find out yourself what's in it.
- No teleport due to the abuse and ruining the gameplay.
- Ping kicking if you exceed the limit of 150 ( can be adjusted in the future )
- Vac checking ( We will not allow cheaters even if it happens in a other game they got banned for )
- Family share Check ( Due to the amount of hackers using this services ) can be negotiated through contact.
- the command /remove to easy remove your own building if you make mistakes.
- Much more.

Connecting Info: open console and type; connect or find it in the modded tab with the searchphrase

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