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  omikron OXiDE [US-central]

To join, find us in the server browser under Modded Servers, or press F1 to open the in-game console and type or paste: client.connect Our alterations include: A custom loot table that makes barrels slightly more rewarding, but keeps rad-towns and airdrops as they are, in their rightful place at the top of the loot matrix 25% faster resource gathering 36 minute days, 12 minute nights (real-time) /kit - /kit starter to redeem a basic starter kit with a wooden spear, bandage and food item, or /kit rock to replace your starter rock if it breaks /location or /loc - see your map coordinates anytime, anywhere Death notices - you will see who is being killed and by what, but the killer in PvP notices remains anonymous. For example, "A player shot The Deliverator in the Left Eye with a Thompson from 24.6m" Airdrops every 45 minutes (that's 33% more often than vanilla!) when 3+ players are online Anti-hack plugins that automatically detect and ban cheaters whether an admin is watching or not (but we are watching ;)) A great map - small, but not too small (worldsize 3000), with an attractive, diverse landscape and multiple rad towns. We went through 20+ map seeds to find this one! We may eventually expand to a larger map once it begins to get crowded. Responsible admins who are courteous, fair and impartial, who do NOT participate as players Zero tolerance for cheaters - Any player with VAC bans on record is instantly kicked the moment they attempt to connect, and the server is secured with auxiliary anti-cheat software in addition to the standard EAC A small, but growing playerbase - get in on the ground floor while you can! Remember, the more people are playing, the more people will join us! Hope to see you there!

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