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  Rusty HideOut Custom Servers and Mods SOLO/DUO/TRIO/QUAD|NODECAY

Pure CUSTOM MAP for those who want a different style of Rust play. If you're looking for a server with a friendly community make sure to give Rusty HideOut a try! We support younger and older players, with a supportive atmosphere for new players. Most established players will support and help you get going. Low Pop server. New Player Friendly, No Hacking or Exploits.

To connect in-game, Use F1 then type client.connect (The IP of the server you want to join) - RUSTY HIDEOUT 5x (CUSTOM MAP) - RUSTY HIDEOUT 10x (CUSTOM MAP) - RUSTY HIDEOUT 15x (CUSTOM MAP) - RUSTY HIDEOUT 20x (CUSTOM MAP) Or on the left-hand side in game, click modded and search Rusty HideOut at bottom of server list

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