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  Uprising Prime - Wipe 1/14 |INSTA|10x|QSmelt|Kits|Clans|PM|FF++

Uprising Prime is a Modded PVP RuST Server, fun times, no admin abuse, new player (noobs) friendly!

Active and helpful admins

Admin powers only used to protect form cheaters and help players.

50+ dedicated players currently, we have room for 250!

Uprising - Join our FUN Rust Community!

Active Admins, No Admin Abuse, 10x Gather, Quick Smelt, Last Wipe 01/21, Teleport (no limits), 7x Homes, Starter Kit, After-Wipe Kit, Private Msg, Clans, Remove, Friendly Fire, Reward Shop, Better Loot, Live Map, Cool Events, Tool Cupboard Fix, Decay only on Twigs, Trading Tool, Item Skin Randomizer (allows you to get the PAY for skins w/o paying for them!) and many other features. We are always working on some new additions!

Join Us directly: Press F1 and type -> connect -> press Enter

Visit Our Website: for more info and updates!

Follow us on Tweeter: @UprisingServer

Thank you and hope to see you online!
- TheDoc

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