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  Voxide Rust! Vanilla/Oxide Regular Wipes!

Voxide Rust! This server is a crossover between Oxide and Vanilla settings... | Vanilla settings: Gather Rate, Smelt Rate, Crafting Rate, | Oxide Settings: High Stacks,Cupboard Radius FIX!, Clans, Kits, PM, Sign Artist, Map, AutoDoors. And more..... Limited TP/HOMES what does this mean... ? well this means you can only tp and go home a maximum of 15 times a day. So TP/HOMES does not get abused you will also have a 10 minute cooldown between your TP/HOMES, and a 60 second countdown to teleport to a friend and get to your home. So it is more vanilla like so if you are in a battle you must fight or run as fast as you can....!!

Server Stats... 
CPU: Core i5-2400 @ 3.10 GHz !
RAM: 12GB of crucial !
HDD: 200GB crucial SSD !
Internet: Dual Gigabit Lan.... 50Mbps Down & 50Mbps UP Dedicated internet service...!!!

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