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  #TeamBick's World of Warcraft Server (WotLK)

TeamSpeak server:

#TeamBick's Server

With years of server hosting experience, and 8 combined years of World of Warcraft experience, you can bet that our server will be the best you'll play on for a very long time!

We are one of the fastest growing gaming communities on the internet, made by gamers, designed by gamers, for gamers. We don't tolerate half measures. All of our team are dedicated into making the experience better for the player, taking requests and reviewing all changes discussed by the community.

We are a leading provider in free servers such as DayZ Standalone, Rust, Stomping Land and many more games! All of our servers are hosted on site, and each server is hosted on a virtual machine with 16gb of ram and two Intel Xeon processors per Virtual Machine.

We are focussing all of our time at the moment on our World of Warcraft (WotLK) server to make the experience better for the player, giving the server custom quests, new NPC's, double XP, faster walkspeed and much, much more!

Be sure to join us and register on our website -

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