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  Empire Of Darkness | International WoW

Hello everyone, I am very excited to announce the opening of this great project in which I have been working for a couple of months together with several colleagues!
our idea is to create an international community where you can diversify the game and transcend the language barriers

We currently have a realm Cataclysm 4.3.4 which is 90% complete and we continue in its development
We also want to open a Realm Legion in the near future in order to expand our idea even more.

For new players:

  • Rates x5
  • Initial gold
  • Initial Honor
  • Discord Server in All languages
  • Full equipment for the First to achieve level 85 of the realm in each class and race
  • 2 items of free choice for each person that you bring to the server and reaches level 30 (there is no limit)
  • Stability 24/7
  • We have AutoRestart in case of crashes
  • and a Dedicated Server hired for 12 fixed months

For developers & GameMasters
If you want to be part of this great project, we invite you to apply to our forum and we will contact you, as the community grows you can agree on a payment depending on the tasks and time spent

Visit our website
Visit Our Forum
Join our Discord Server

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