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  FurinexWoW Premium Server

The Project FurinexWoW is a Collaboration project between friends and co-workers. Based out of Rochester, New York, Our USA driven IT company games as hard as it works. With a Large data-center at our Disposal, we have decided to deploy our shared interest in SQL based projects as a sub-private server. Our Server is a Dual Processor Octi-Core Xeon rated at 3.7 GHZ each, RAM including 128GB, RAID5 SSD Drives and a 10GB INTERNAL network, Provides a smooth and Enjoyable gaming experience on most any internet connection. Our Up-Times are Extremely consistent as our Data-center is housed on 2 Solid Business Class connections with Failover. On top of a very reliable internet connection, we have deployed safety measures in power as well, with a 3 DAY (APC RM6K w/Extended Batteries x 6) Run-time on battery, as well as a switch over function to a 4 car garage sized room filled with Car Batteries, backing up a Generator that also powers the entire Building, and can sustain a load for 9 Days on the supplied reserves. The Team At the Core of The team consists an SQL Expert, C++ Veteran who has contributed to projects such as EQEmu and MaNGOS, and a Web Designer / IT Engineer. We also have some very enthused hobbyists on-board with an IT background assisting with Website functions, Monitoring, GM Duties and Minor Troubleshooting / Bug Fixing. The Website The Website is COMPLETELY integrated with the Server. Many Functions interact directly with the server, are live views or are completely internalized. We have used OpenWoW for a backup source for Item links just in case. The Forums are completely PHPBB driven, Customized, Populated with Forums and Sub Forums, Monitored as well as integrated with OpenWoW for item links. You can find Many functions such as but not limited to: Account Functions - Creation, Password Recovery, UCP, Private Messages. Character Functions - Transfers between Accounts, Race Changes, Faction Changes, Feature Changes, etc Item Shop - Dozens of items (NO PAY TO WIN FEATURES) that can be purchased with either Gold or Vote Points. Bug Tracker - Solid Bug Tracker, as well as our Forums which we all love. Changelog - We're Transparent, actually, we deal with Tickets for customers all day long - so we're kinda used to Transparency. Everything we do is Logged, and reported. If the Site goes down, we have backup Accounts, Such as a Facebook Organization Page to let people know what is going on. ETAs and Scheduled Down-times are posted on the Forums and News Reels / Shoutboxes ahead of time to allow people time for planning. Don't Play Alone - Recruit a Friend and Get extra Rewards for playing with him/her, and for just his time played! Server Side Functions - The Armory directly connects with our Database items, guilds, characters and everything else to provide a real-time view of what you want to know. The same thing goes for our Live Auction House! PVP - We Like killing each-other (in-game of course...). Find out who kills the best right on the Site. And Much More... The Server The Server itself is a Heavily modified version of TC. Does it have bugs? Yes. Does it have some Problems? Doesn't any Private Server? Yes. We're not going to sit here... and Lie to you about our content being 99% Complete and everything Magically Works Perfectly. In Fact, as I stated before, we are about complete Transparency (Hence EVERYONE being able to see all the bugs in the Bug Tracker, and contribute). So Why play on Our server? Because you have a cool [url==]website[/url]? Well - If you want to play for that reason then sure. I'm not going to tell anyone why they can't, but... Here's a few reasons why you might want to: Stability - As I stated before, our server is a goddamn beast. It will cook, clean, blow you or your significant other, consume your alcohol and drugs, eat your food, sell your dog and lead armies. Its Amazing. I could use a bunch of other funny phrases but you get the idea. Core - Why TC? Well - TC has been around for a long time. Not only that, Myself (SQL) and my counter-part (C++, C, C#) have been contributing to it for quite some time. We are familiar with it and love working with it. More Core - Our TC has NO errors on start-up. All changes are tested on a separate server. Whenever a change is made to the Live Core or the Database, A backup is taken IMMEDIATELY prior to the change. Even More Core - Our Database is hand cropped. We have removed the useless, added the necessary and Polished the driven. Are there still quests that are broken? Some items broken? Some NPC Text Missing? - Probably. However with our Math, we are sitting at 93-94% Completion of all Content game-wide. This seems like a staggeringly bullshit number - but its not. It took 17 monkeys with Space helmets on, fighting in an elevator for 13 hours to come up with this number so its completely trustworthy (We also used some Nifty SQL queries on the database to guesstimate the completion percentage of multiple areas and averaged the numbers) Feelings - No not emotional mushy shit. What we're talking about here is a good, Blizz-like Feeling. I wont tell you how great it is, because each person walks away from WoW with a different feeling, but we feel Nostalgic every time we play. Testing - We have already put over a Year's worth of testing internally, and have been improving our code, database and optimizations the entire time. We are now releasing this to the "Sub-Private" sector for further "testing". Even though this will be a Live run, changes will be made to the server constantly to improve every player experience. Instances have been tested on an unreal level. Scripts have been implemented to try and capture the essence that was Blizzard's vision. Last-ability - We don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon. We've been around, tinkering with this, for far too long. Now its getting so good we can't keep it to ourselves. Pride - This is our HOBBY. All of ours. We love to Game. We love to work. We love to work on our Game. When you love doing what you do, and you do it well, it becomes a Hobby. We're Proud of our Hobby. We're proud of our progress. We're proud of our Server. We want you to be apart of if, Hence the invitation. NO PAY TO WIN FEATURES - That's right - No pay to win. The server will NEVER be pay to win. We earn everything we keep. Everyone else will too. Vote to win? Maybe a little, but mostly Twink gear to get you through the levels. There's your twist. Twink Gear - Now this is fun. Profession Limit Removed - There is no limit to how many professions you may have. More than 2 is fine. We came from a long line of EverQuesters and this has always pissed us off. Get em all - we don't care! Interesting Rates - The Rates on this server differ from most and are very satisfying in their own way. Rates are as follows: Kill XP - 2.0x Quest XP - 2.0x Exploration - 2.5x Recruit-A-Friend Bonus - 3x Weapon Skill Gain - 10x Defense Skill Gain - 10x Quest Money - 2.5x Drop Money - 2.5x Item Drop Rate - 3x Gathering Rate - 5x Crafting Rate - 1x Reputation Gain - 10x Reputation Low Level Kill Gain - 3x Reputation Low Level Quest Gain - 3x Conclusion [url==]Sign up[/url]. Give us a shot, tell us what you think. We don't ignore anyone and we are looking for Feedback and to build a meaningful community that can last and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Again - Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this brick of text! FurinexWoW TL;DR FurinexWoW is a new Private Server, Blizzard-Like, Based on a Modified TC, with a beast server, awesome website and knowledgeable staff that is looking for motivated players to help test, quest and enjoy our tailored content.

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