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  Illuminated WoW 4.3.4 Private WoW PvP Funserer Cataclysm

            <p style="padding:10px;">
                <br ><b style="color:#f93;">Illuminated currently offers one dedicated 4.3.4 private Funserver.</b></br>
                <br><b><u>WoW Cataclysm PvP/PvE Private Server (4.3.4):</b></u></br>
                <br>99% Uptime! Located in North America.</br>            
                <br> - Full server backups daily.</br>
                <br> - Constant updates and friendly GM team.</br>
                <br> - Instant 85 PvP/PvE Private WoW Fun Server </br>
                <br> - Custom vendors and trainers.</br>
                <br> - Custom Mall/Arena/Raids and Daily Quests. Free Ruthless/Heroic Starter Gear.</br>
                  <br> - Custom Cataclysm Vendors</br>
                  <br> - Custom Cataclysm Trainers</br>
                  <br> - CataclysmT-mog</br>
                <br> - Working Battlegrounds including War Song Gultch, Arathi Basin and Many more!</br>
                <br> - Working Arenas</br>
                <br> - Custom player commands including: .unstuck, .mall, .duel and more.</br>
                <br> - Custom gear system. Earn Masonic Degrees and trade them for cataclysmic gear, <b style="color:#f93;">NO custom or donor gear!</b></br>
                <br> - Main/Off-set = 1000 Masonic Degrees Each. Weapons = 1500 Masonic Degrees Each.</br>
                <br> - Custom teleporter Including Custom cataclysm Daily Quest zones. New concepts. </br>
                <br> - 2 Faction Specific Dailies and currently 5 Group oreientated dailies.</br>
                <br> - Coming Soon: Custom Season 12 Gear (Expented launch: Feburary, 2017)</br>
                <br> - Coming soon: Hellfire's Attunement: Massive custom PvP and quest zone. (Expented launch: January, 2017)</br>
                <br> - <s>Coming soon:</s> <b>Live:</b> Deathfist Invasion: Custom quest and pvp grind Zone.</br>
                <br> - Constant updates.</br>

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