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Connection info: connect or simply use rust default search tool from modded servers

Map: Squished link

At Rustlandia we prefer the vanilla way of playing, but have a few quality of life changes going for us:
- 5x Stack sizes for all items that you'd prefer to stack as is or just in higher quantities.
- 125% Gather rate, just for that little bit of extra gameplay tempo.
- Occasional events in custom arenas, castles etc. the possibilities are (allmost) endless.
- Slightly tuned barrel/box loot, you should never again be disappointed by that ******* empty barrel or a box in rad town. AntiCheat, BoxLooters and AdminReport mods to help us maintain the safety of your home, accessories and the lives of your family while you're sleeping.
- Server has been stress tested (multiple location mass spawning) and is DDoS protected. So far we haven't had any problems other then a 2-second lag spike caused by the spawn of massive amounts of structures at the same time (tested multiple times).
- We also provide a public Mumble voip server for you to use with your friends, neighbors, random encounters or clans (clan channels are password protected and can be requested from an admin).
- 100 and one slots, just because...

The server will wipe (as things stand the map should still persist) with the next content update on 4th of june, until then we are still trying out other ways to stress test our server and preparing event structures for the future.

Feel free to leave any feedback.

Event preview:
4 Team arena
2 Team arena

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