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Fun little server to meet and chat with people. Server is running on the latest Craftbukkit version. We are on survival mode server. Come and check it out. Powered by VPScraft.  port 25565         0 Online Players
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Lista di giochi alternativi. Find games for you.
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EOGame is fast, balanced and fast developing game. Come and start battle with your friends or random other people around the globe. In this game have lot of new stafs. NEW BATTLE SYSTEM. Hostile expeditions and lot of other things for you to explore!
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Best free private server has constantly available lag-free realms, professionally developed, maintained and secured. Test listing. You can ignore this.
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Rate's XP: 10x Quest: 15x Money: 10x Drop: 5x Skills: 3x Honor: 2x Reputation: 3x Instance: Blizzlike Lvl 1 Start 60% mount!
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We Support those Languages: Polska, Englisch, German, Russian, Spanish and Portugese! ............. are u Faster than Universe Lord BA? . . . .Beat Universe Lord BA and win a lot of recurces and DM! . . . .Visit now and get 50.000 Dark Metter at beginning!
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SotoWars is a game management / strategy massively multiplayer browser based on a science fiction universe entirely invented.
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NovaGame; with special written in-game forum, enhanced message service, in English, German and Turkish support team, offers you a fun environment. Moreover, no need to download it, you need to just become a member. Create your empire through this ruthless battle, Become the ruler of the Galaxies!
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Cataclysm 4.3.4 -- 1x Blizzlike rates -- Player vs. Environment -- 95% Quests Fixed -- Friendly Staff -- Great Support -- Family Friendly, Warm Community -- High Uptime
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Home Town: Prontera Max Lvl: 255/70 (3rd Adv. Jobs) PK Server - 1k/1k/2k rates (XP/SP/Drop) - Custom Rates
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OGame Private Server
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Noones wow 3.3.5a funserver lvl cap 150 funserver, 7000 custom items, Custom Quest chains to progress trough the content, custom isle's, Organized Mall on its own custom isle!
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With Space - Rivals you experience a complete german- and English supported Game. Server Start: 20. September 2015. Join a great Community out of helpful Players and your cruellest Enemys. Join and conquer the Universe of Space - Rivals!
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OGame Private Server
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New Classes: RIDER, Gunslinger & Songweaver, 300x Exp, 600x Rate, Kinah Rate 200x, Drop Rate 200x, Quest Rate 150x, Group Rate 25x, Abyss Points Rate, 24/7 Dedicated Server, GROUND PVP, FREE FLY, CRAFTING NPC, Auto Skill/Stigma,FREE!!
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Voll Funktionstüchtiger Server. -> Deutsche Spieler bevorzugt -> Deutsche Datenbank -> Im Aufbau -> Forum vorhanden -> Registrierungsseite vorhanden -> Website Shop ausstehend -> Für die ersten 25 Spieler gibt es EINEN full equipment Charakter.
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Good owner -all skills-all bosses-good xp rates
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The American Mafia Online game is a smart and unique mafia game featuring elections, politics, murder, drama, stock exchange simulation and much more.
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ChaosCity is a browser game that will bring you new insight into browser games, bringing you an unmatched web and more.
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Cult browser game of your parents :) The best game in the style of an old ogame. Free trader and commodore non-stop. Starting the game in May 2019 - welcome :)
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Simple 3.3.5 PVE/Questing server with 1x/2x XP and 2x money. For players that love to quest and raid. most 5 & 10 mans work. quests and skills at 95%. Dedicated, stable server with 99% uptime. forums, AH page, playermap, other features and more info on webpage.
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New Server based on 2moons! All Pay2Win-Features have been removed! Custom Translation into English!
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Free online multiplayer game
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2Moons is a space strategy game with players playing together at the same time. A Standard Browser is all you need to play.
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very good server, pvp & airdrops & actif staff
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Servidor Latino Version Rates x6 Fines de semana x12 Sistema de transfiguracion Conquista de invierno esta Habilitada Sistema monturas compartidas por cuenta Sistema de auto aprender hechizos Sistema de codigos sorpresa Sistema de titulos PvP por mue
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Titania Empires is a 2moons ogame based game, with a fast speed server and limited mods (Wihtout all those daily and weekly mods that gets confusing) just old styled - Start your Space adventure now!
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ENG Vendetta WoW Custom Server is a new International WoW server located in Spain. It contains customize content that makes game more interesting. ES Vendetta WoW Custom Server es un nuevo servidor internacional de WoW ubicado en España. Contiene contenid
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Newest ogame server with 1000x game speed 4x Ship 1500x Resources
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Weltraum Simulationsspiel mit guter Balance, hohem Ressorcen Speed, TF 75%/35%, 300er Gebäudelevel und 2000% Ressourcen Booster. Ogame Clone with good balanced speed and many mods...debris 75%/35%, max. buildinglevels 300, ressource booster 2000%...
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[Univers Odyssée] Jeux X100
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La Cosa Nostra is the most realistic mafia game on the internet.
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Rusticated::3x gather::3x smelt:: Teleport::Trade::i-Craft::Gray Admins
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dsadadsa dsadadsa
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NUEVO!!!***Juega a tu servidor privado x1 con posibilidad de ganar Bitcoin!! Servidor dedicado, alta estabilidad y sostenibilidad en el tiempo. Proyecto realizado entre inversionistas Bitcoin! Abriendo sus puertas nuevamente el día 15, octubre de 2015
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Public server world of wacraft 3.3.5a Lich King:
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Dominion Legacy is a revolution in the world of ogame, discover an unexplored world with population, manage your teleportation portal, create your alliance, compete against your ennemies and become the emperor of the universe. Based on Stargate the series
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Grand Open 28.06.2019.Season 6 Episode 3. EXP-100 Drop-40.Server English and Russian. Come to us. And you will not regret it. Details of the server on the forum. A lot of interesting.
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[Version5095][hourlyWar][Dailywar][WeaklyAndMonthlyPkWar][1Vs1Arena][ElitePkWar][NoZap][DuelZone][MaxLvl,137][MaxRb,2][Max+,12][ClassPkEnvoy][GuildAltar][NewGarments][ArenaPointSystem][MoreTournaments][FlagCountry][addCpsForVote][MoreEvnts][BigRewardForAnyWar][Integrated site][And More.....]
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Hey everyone, thats a new Vanilla Server 12.10, hosted in EU. We start this server because of Admin abuse at other Server. Play Fair, no killing newbies ~ starters If u follow this rules u will have a nice experience
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Join Ramboed RSPS as the name suggests, the main focus here is PK and PVM. Pulsating Combat | All Skills Trainable | Solid Economy | 20+ Minigames | Hundreds active daily | Frequent updates | Experienced Management
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New server of the popular Mafia themed game. Launched in 2016. Gameplay format was changed to bring more fun for the players. New game features. Join a mafia organization and advance in ranks to become Capo Crimini. The world of Crime and money is here
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Mobile! Seeing the inevitable destruction of the empire your ancestors began the race to construct intergalactic colony ships. Your ship was launched before your home world was destroyed in the maelstrom. It contains all the knowledge for survival and conquest. Other factions and races from both gal
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Stargazer Back to the Roots offers a stabel server with english and german support. We are a retro classic Ogame server for all those who want to relive the original feeling. Also there is no Pay-to-Win, everybody has the same chances!
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Choose your favorite online puzzle game on, increase your rating and meet new challenges. You can choose your favorite puzzle online; select the difficulty level, number of pieces or favorite category. Play jigsaw puzzles with beautiful design and train your solving ability.
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Dogicoin gamse
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347 - GAME
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English and Persian language: [Blizzlike Realm] is PvE&Pvp; We intend on delivering high quality content by having blizzlike! [Fun Realm] is 1 level at the start of the game, max level 255
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Neues Weltraum-Simulationsspiel mit hohen Produktions- und Bonusraten. Gamespeed 20, Flottenspeed 20, Rohstoffspeed
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