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Come Join fairly new Server
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Space-Rivals is a german- english supported strategy Game with plenty of Mods, a well balanced Game and of course a friendly Community. Join the Game and raise to the Top!
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The Grim Guzzler is professional private server dedicated to bringing you the best game-play experience! Our goal is to surpass all other servers in terms of content quality and player appreciation.
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Serwer Polski Vanilla. Bez modów! Mapa na stronie www Polska geolokalizacja wipe tylko przy wymuszonej comiesiecznej aktualizacji Rusta aktywna administracja Posiadamy forum oraz serwer TeamSpeak3. Dolacz do nas. IP:
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Wenn Sie privaten Wild ohne friert oder Lags spielen wollen, versuchen Sie unseren Servern. Fast & sicheres Deutschland Private Server für Spieler.
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Fully working Vindictus Emulated Private Server, high rates and mid rates, EXP 25x, EXP 250x, alchemy, dungeons, large community, professional administrators, check it out today
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Voxide Rust! This server is a crossover between Oxide and Vanilla settings... | Vanilla settings: Gather Rate, Smelt Rate, Crafting Rate, | Oxide Settings: High Stacks,Cupboard Radius FIX!, Clans, Kits, PM, Sign Artist, Map, AutoDoors. And more...
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OGame Space War Game is a new ogame based space strategy game. Hizli ogame oyna, uzayi fethet!
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Server starts at 11.7.14! ------------------------- ★_Gamespeed: 15000 ★ ★_FleetSpeed: 35 ★ ★_RessourceSpeed: 2500 ★ --------------------------
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| Deutscher Wow-Server | 2 Realms | Ein 3.3.5a Funserver lvl 1-100 | Ein 4.3.4 Funserver lvl 1-85 | Viele Events 1000+ custom Gegner und Items! | High Rates | Big German Community |
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InfiniteBattle is a free type of space strategy game like uGamela or ogame . Thousands of players gather together to conduct a constant struggle. If you want to join them need only a simple Web browser.
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Gang Empire is a text based mafia style RPG that has just opened up for beta testing. We are looking to add new features and improve our product over the next few months. Come on by and let us know what you think!
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Espagame Es Un Juego De Estrategia En El Espacio. Compite Con Jugadores Las 24h Para Conquistar El Universo. Todo Lo Que Necesitas Es Un Navegador Estandardar. Rates por 999
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Vanilla Vgaming Rust Server, Play and have Fun !
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Ogame new private server I will update the universe after we reach a number of players.Easy dark matter (u dont need to buy) supernova and much more.
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OGame is a space-themed real time strategy online browser game. With Some new Extras
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Welcome to ETCLAN.FR,
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Play in your SMARTPHONE
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368 ✔ Pokemon Pets is a unique browser based MMO RPG game that doesn't require any downloads or plugins to play ✔ It closely mimics Nintendo's Pokémon handheld games with the added excitement of playing online alongside your friends
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-PvE Blizzlike server created and maintained by professional developers with a passion for World of Warcraft. -Here you will have the best content. -24/7 Online. -Dungeons & raids fully scripted. -New Server! New Community! -Staff LF Dev.
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Undamed-WoW Reborn!!! still working on it. come check it out all old items exist. Get your old Custom Back! 25000 + custom items alot of quest. 12000 haste 0.00
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Classicocrack is a browser-based online strategy game which lets you compete against other players by playing as an intergalactic emperor.New server UNI3 opening : 26.06.2013 GMT
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ElderWoW is a world of warcraft server - based on patch 3.3.5a WotLK - We have Instant Realm lvl 80-[5k gold and free t7 set for start] and Normal Realm - Blizzlike - no custom - 99/uptime.
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Great Graphics | 3C system | Unique anima companion | Plenty of quests | 7 character types | Ability to display emotions | Nice skill animations | Cool vehicle transportation | Sleek interface
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newly opened Xnova server
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• Exp Rate : x500 • Party Exp Rate: x550 • Drop Rate : x10 • Gold Rate : x10 • Sox Rate : x10 • Magic pop rate : x10
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The best of ran private server, latest item mob and system. have many items from other games and cartoon animation
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Neuer Server tolle statsrnwir haben eine zweiten rnServer für mehr Herausforderung schaut rein rnund viel spaß beim spielenrnlink für den zweiten findet ihr bei den news
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Bleach Online is a free MMORPG game.Become the best Shinigami by collecting zanpakuto and joining special events.Explore the Bleach world today!
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2moons Clone
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Jezyk Gry - Polski , English, Jezyk Strony - Polski Jedna z najlepszych gier strategicznych jest juz w zasi?gu reki. Nie czekaj do Rejestruj sie juz teraz i by uzyskac premie. Darmowe konto Pro dla nowego uzytkownika darmowe darkmater . Wiecej floty, obro
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venha conferir o novo ogame e ganhe 60k de materia negra.
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Balanced ogame clone. Game speed x20, fleet speed x10, Resources production x20. You earn dark matter through points, so it's play2win, Join now! we are looking for active players!
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2.Evrenimiz 01.02.2013 Saat 20.00 de açılacaktır.Ön Kayıtlarımız başlamıştır.Siz değerli oyuncularımızıda OgamePvP'ye bekleriz.Neden OgamePvp?? 1-Kaliteli ve 7/24 online yönetici kadrosuyle 2-Ticketlara anında cevap verilmesiyle
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Legendary Classical Ogame New Universe on June 3, Saturday at 19:00 UTC.
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Space strategy gaming site using Xnova Revolutions. Starting with Alpha Universe.
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Onlyasteroidwar is a new game concept that like satisfied users that play, we are looking for staff in this moment. The server rates are: Fleet x10 - ressources x50. We are waiting you for conquer the universe together!
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A complete new private server!! Started 03/11/2012 !! The speed isn't to high and there are some new plugins, like records and so on!! Try it and get number one !! A big Event starts at 10.11.2012 !! don't miss it :)
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Join Zyperax Space for a great Gaming Experience with many Benefits and a friendly community as same as a friendly Staff. We support full Spanish,english and German!
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World Of Warcraft Private Vanilla Server PRE-TBC, version 1.12. Relive and enjoy once more the best era of World Of Warcraft! The first and most mature 1.12 FR / EN server, the most stable and constantly upgraded since 2009 and without interruption.
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Servidor Mists of Pandaria ,unete a nosotros!
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Adrenaline AION - Patch 5.0, New Classes: RIDER, Gunslinger and Songweaver!!! Lvl 90, Exp:300x, Drop: 200x, Kinah:200x, Abyss Points: 50x, Custom Items, No Lag ,No Bugs, Auto Learn Stigma And Skills, Friendly Staff, New Skills, Daily events!!! Join us, it's FREE
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Meganova is a space strategy game with hundreds of players simultaneously try to be the best
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Erlebe eine neue Dimension auf dem familiärsten World of Warcraft Privatserver mit 3 einzigartigen Server mit Starterpaket und Charaktertransfer. Werde ein teil unserer großen Familie und erlebe freundlichen Support wie auf keinem anderen Server
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NUEVO-Clasico Blizz Clon Ogame, Rates bajos, (Nucleos,Mercenarios,Gobernadores,Misiones....). Atencion continua en Español, Ingles y Ruso. Entra y juega con nosotr@s.
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-General rate x4 -Speed of fleet x4 -Speed of production x4 -Max. planets 9+1 -Ships to drebris 60% -Defens to debris 30%
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confira o novo ogame e ganhe materia negra.
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Progressive Midrate 335a, 1 Realm 1x-20x Rate, No Lag, All spells/abilities works, Most Content Full Scripted, BGs/Arenas/Wintergrasp Fully Working, Staff 24/7, Updates every week, Hosted on a Dedicated Server, Internet Connection 1GB/s, Join Now!
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Server italiano Ogame Se volete potete richiedere la creazione di un nuovo universo e una volta valutata la richiesta procederemo nell'accontentarvi!
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Du hast Lust auf ein deutsches Weltraumsimulationsspiel? Dann bist du bei uns zu 100% richtig!
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