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Jeux x30.000 Flottes x100 Ressources x30.000 Cdr Flottes85/Défences50 venez nombreux jeux en évolution
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Play on a server with no admin abuse and no glitching allowed! Admins are fair game - treat us like you would any other player. We have Mumble & will make a channel for your group/clan if you so desire.
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99B Season 1, DDoS Protection, Antihack SystemExp 5000xSince 2010200 online247WINGS 1,2 and ALL JEWELS IN SHOPSMAX LVL 400NO-LAGSUPER MAXIMAL SERVER COME AND PLAY
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Fleet-Federation ein kostenloses Weltraum-Simulationsspiel in Echtzeit. Hier kannst Du Dich im direkten Vergleich mit Deinen Konkurrenten messen. Bauen, Forschen, Kämpfen, Verteidigen! Ob alleine oder in der Gemeinschaft einer Förderation. Ihr alleine Entscheidet!
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WoW Classic news, guides, talent calulators, and more!
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Goldenor is a space strategy game with hundreds of players simultaneously trying to be the best. All you need to play is a standard web browser.
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Perfect World Dawn of Spring patch v146, 500x EXP, 200x DROP, 500x SP, 200x GOLD, Daily events, NO lag, NO bug, Friendly staff, Custom NPCs, Custom sets,FREE.
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we have just set up a vanilla rust legacy server and looking for active people to populate the server to birng it up the list for more people to join. the only addons are the regular anti-cheats, sleepover and Remove. i am one of 2 current admins.
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A new Era will rise. Join the future of ogame private Servers now! Antaris is a private Ogame-Server with a bunch of helpful features and a well balanced Gameplay. We currently do support 4 langu ages [English, Italian,German and spanish]. Join us t
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El mejor server de ogame que jamas exisitio! rates 5 veces mas que el Server oficial! con solo una regla!.... Conquistar el UNIVERSO! Podes obtenet 1 millón de Materia Oscura solo invitando amigos!
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[10xDay | 20xNight/ TP / KITS / INSTA]
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