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Take on the conquest of space with your ships by peaceful or aggressive missions. Make friends and build the most powerful and influential alliance.
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HellZone is a new survival server still in beta. Its grief protected survival,tp killing is allowed, player shops coming soon. Server is still in beta feel free to leave feedback on the server.  port 25565         0 Online Players
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Werde jetzt ein SpaceFighter und kämpfe mit in einer Welt, welche durch Krieg und Macht vollkommen zerstört ist. Werde Herrscher eines kleinen Planeten,baue ihn auf, und werde zu einer Großmacht. Bildet eine Allianz oder kämpft einzeln für den Weltraum. Werde jetzt auch ein SpaceFighter !
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Eine neue Zivilisation Du Startest mit einer unterentwickelten Welt, und errichtest auf dieser ein Imperium. Gründest Kolonien und verteidigst diese.
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Come join the fun of our unique 100 PvP funserver! [Custom Instances][Custom events][Scripted World Bosses] [Unique-Mall][Friendly Staff][Proffesions][Xmog]
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join plas plas hacking not is not allowed and pls be kind to our team becuase it took is so long to make this server! a different survival server is coming out soon named penguin survival  port 25565         155 Online Players
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Nouveau jeu intergalactique avec 2 univers!
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Welcome to SMPReflex! this server is an earth replica with custom guns! for example ak47 or RPGS. Please join to seee the amazing replica of earth! The server has 2 warps to either England or Canada!  port 25565         0 Online Players
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2014 PVP private server, high performance, no lagg, wotlk, cataclysm, mop, wod, growing community, ICC running, Ruby running, firelands running, fully scripted instances, latest content, professional Website with 16k impressions per day, join us
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Jeux en évolution (bêta) Vitesse jeu : x50.000 Vitesse flotte : x20 Vitesse production : x50.000 Flotte dans le CDR : 80% Défense dans le CDR : 80% Vaisseau extracteur
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Welcome to Villecraft! Before we introduce ourselves here at Villecraft, let us give you abit of a history lesson on where Villecraft comes from. It all started with a young lad named "Nickfromgreek" he had a the same passion as us here today an  port 25565         0 Online Players
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Battle of the Immortals: Odins Wrath x75 Exp & x150 Drop Great support & lots of events Always up to date with Official Many Years Strong Network Join Now and Join the Best
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Version: eX700 Plus Server Type: Low Rate Global Exp: x50 PPL: 11/12/13 Max Level: 400 Master Level Exp: x45 Max Master Level: 355 Global Drop Rate: 25% Exc Drop Rate: 30% Ancient Drop Rate: 20-25% No Webshop (Only In-game Shop)
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Crime text-based mmorpg.
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Unstable SMP is a new, pure smp server! We have a custom made fabric modpack, carefully being developed to suit all sorts of players! You can download it on our Discord server. The Server is PG-13, and our experienced developers have created custom ori  port 25565         8 Online Players
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We are on 3.3.5a patch, , 255 is the level cap, High rates (XP, Gold, Drop), Many custom instances, Cool Leveling Roads,1000+ Custom Items, PVP and Non-PVE malls, 12 milion damage with well balanced classes! custom events. custom items, custom quest well all for you to have a lot of fun
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Linkos MU estabilished itself as one of the best MU Online servers since 2008. Proud of our community and perservance, we can offer you a stable server, full of functions and fun events aswell as a profesional staff crew. Join us, you will not regret it!
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gameoflegend is a pvm-pvp server with many pet systems, frizes, costumes, smoke evolves many up to the last armor paladin lvl maximum 127 rates 500% when you enter gm you give lvl 40 fms pgm 59 costume jewelery with vampire devil bonuses 50 % socks 200X a
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Servidor de Minecraft Java No premium, versin 1.16.5. nete, crea tu propio reino junto a amigos, explora biomas nunca antes vistos, lucha contra poderosos enemigos, saquea mazmorras, colecciona los ms de 50 nuevos encantamientos y obtn nuevos minerales pa  port 25565         4 Online Players
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Welcome to our 24/7 based TOP v2.0 server. 15 x Solo-EXP,20 x Party-Exp,15 x Drop-,Rate50 x Growth-Rate.No lagg ,great amount of bosses,unique items,great events with unique prizes,great staff members,unseal 85-95,unseal rings,lots of pvp maps and costum areas.guildwars, rebirth, kal exchanger and
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[Version: Season II] [Experience: 2x] [Drop: 50%] [Points Per Level: 5/7] [Max Level: 400] [Resets: No] [Soldier Elf Buff Till: 100lvl] [Weekly Castle Siege]
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© 2017 RF-GAMER.GQ MMORPG RF Online ??? ????? ??????????? ????????? ? RF Online, ???????? ???????? ?????? ? ?????????????? CCR Inc. ??? ?????? ????????? ????? ??? ???????? ????? - ????????????? ?? ??????????????? ??????????.
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This is a Cracked minecraft server featuring an awesome edition of skywars called LuckyIslands where you get your items and stuffs from LuckyBlocks. The server is getting updated and more drops will be added.  port 25565         0 Online Players
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Strategická hra v reálném čase. Hrajete s mnoha reálnými hráči. Nic nemusíte stahovat, hrajete pouze ve svém webovém prohlí┼żeči! Registrace je zdarma
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Hottest colection of Mario and Super Mario games free to play !
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[LowMU] [Season 3 Episode 1] [Experience:70x] [Drop:60] [Balanced Characters] [PVP unique settings] [24/7 Uptime,Stable] [Max stats:32767] [New Events] [New Ancients/Jewels] [Castle Siege On every Sunday] [New Arena2] [Active GMs] [Anti-Cheat] [Customs]
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Lost In Time 3.3.5a Fun RP & Blizz Like Leveling (Double XP). Players coming online Daily! - Custom RP Vendors & Items! Scripted Instances & Raids! - Custom NPCs! - Teleporters! - Goldshire Spawn For All Factions! - Alliance And Horde Combined.
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No Infernal Craft vais poder encontrar: - Bloodmoon - Survival - Economia estvel - mcMMO - Menus - Guilds - Player Warps - Profisses - Eventos regulares - Caixas, ranks e perks - E muito mais! IP: Discord: https://disco  port 25565         0 Online Players
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This server is a fun server for me and my mate. We can handle about 50 people no sweat. We are always listening to the community and getting the plugins they want. Killed that bot? Get that supply drop!
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Crazy Smp is the next generation of servers that offers a progression tree with rewards and can be played on your own or as a group. Features: - Ultimate Claims - Epic Furnaces - Ranks - Quests - Economy - Chestshops IP: Web  port 25565         0 Online Players
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Servidor S6 EP3, Exp x300, Drop x50, PJS Balanceados, Sistema de Votaciones, Sistema Anti-Dupeo, Anti-Cheat, Evento PvP, Evento de Palabras, Evento de Carreras, Evento de Apuestas, Castle Siege y mucho mas
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Welcome Everyone To HypeMc! This Is A Really High Quality Server... When You Join, You Will Get A Starter Kit And Much More! You Will Be Able To Play Minigames, Mine Ores, Sell Your Ores For Money Aand Then Spend The Money That You Have And Get Better Pic  port 25565         279 Online Players
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Rates: 100/100/25 - MaxLevel: 175/60 - Stable/Lagfree/Balanced - Up for 5+ years, no wipes - Ep 142 - Great GMs and Players - Many Minigames - WoE/BG/PvP Intesnse - Daily Quests - Most close to official renewal gaming
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Easy Server | Max Level : 190 | Active Community & Fast Growing Server | Unique Server | Balance Gameplay | No Rollback & Downtime | Classic Episode 8 Server | Hourly eCoin + Hourly Freebies | Starting Shadowtitanium Item | SIGmetal & Mithril Parts On NPC
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Come join us! Have the RPG experience of a lifetime! We offer an amazing SMP, along with upcoming, and updating Minigames! Be the first alongside our journey to be a massive server! It's entirely non-pay to win, so every aspect and every cosmetic feat  port 25565         1 Online Players
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Travianspeed (Free Game)rnSpeed Server 50X,100X,10000XrnBonus First Person : 10 USD
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Play Free Mu Online Balanced PVP Online Game, Duel Player, Kill other player, Kill Medusa and Selupan mobs, Imperial Guardian, Golden invasion, Siege.
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Lineage 2 Scarlet Freya private server - Your Best Lineage 2 Experience | Lineage 2 Freya server 15x
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---==[Nederlands/Dutch]==--- Guncraft is een server die is gebaseerd op een oude serie van het YouTube-kanaal CobbleClub. De server is ondertussen verder ontwikkeld en is uiteindelijk een nieuwe game geworden! Guncraft is een server waar je met een  port 25565         0 Online Players
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Ogame HR Join and be the best. :)
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Cze! Zapraszam ci na super serwer Survival! Serwer jest na 1.16.5!  port 25565         0 Online Players
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Gradual Content Release | Progressive Blizzlike PvE/PvP | High leveling rates | Stable & Reliable Trinity Core 3.3.5 | Professionally managed and developed, lag free realms
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metin2Biscuit este un servar pvm-pvp easy lvl maxim 127 rate 700% map de farm unde pica otele,upp-uri la inceput cand intri se ofera piatra curcubeu un fms pm 55 ? ? ? ? ? hai si tu alaturi de noi staff prietenos 30+ online pe zi va asteptam ? ? ?
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SkyHQ SkyBlock - Shards shop, Custom shop, Crates - Voidchests, Money pouches, Sell wands - Custom enchantments - Weekly rewards for donor ranks - 5 ranks (Ultra, Platinum, Champion, Legend, Mystic) - Miniatures, Chat tags - Island top IP: Sky  port 25565         0 Online Players
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Web Based War Game Copyright © 2012 Galaxy Warz, All Rights Reserved. Galaxy Warz uses code provided by 2Moons DISCLAIMER: GALAXY WARZ MAKES NO CLAIM OF OWNERSHIP OVER GAMEFORGE, OGAME, OR 2MOONS!
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Neverlasting Ragnarok Online is an established 2.5 year old server. We are a super high rate server hosted on a dedicated platform and we're focused to squeeze out every character's potential. Max base level 999. Max job level 500. Check us out!
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WolfHut is a Inspiring server looking to expand and grow its community, currently being run for AlphaWolf99 on Twitch!  port 25565         0 Online Players
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Season 8 EP3 | 25x | 10RR | Perfect Server | Vote Reward System | Exchange Online Hours | Kill the Rabbit |Reset Reward System ( HOT! )
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Catch up at once with our ©QuickStart bonus and jump straight up to Top 30 . Come and dive into a full addictive experience of strategy and combats. Many new functionnalities, Bonus, events. Jeu Français - English support - Opnd 22/12/2017 +400 players
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